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AC TrackTech T1X2 – Adjustable Cradle

AC AIR Technology

SKU: 09928

    • New Generation Tug: For moving non-wheel fairing and wheel fairing type airplanes with a maximum gross weight of 8,000 lbs. The T1X2 has a longer wheelbase, is more powerful than the T1 and is recommended for towing up steep inclines and over challenging hangar doors.

      LED Lights are an optional feature found on the “accessories” tab.

    • - Weight: 98 lbs.
      - Approximate size: 31″ x 24″ x 5″.
      - It is powered by dual ultra high torque electric motors.
      - Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
      - Intuitive remote-control transmitter features FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), which operates 100% interference-free from other 2.4 GHz systems.
      - 4″ wide tracks provide superior traction.
      - The aluminum finish provides long-lasting protection.
      - The maximum speed is 160 ft. per minute (Approx. 1.5 – 2 miles per hour).
      - Accepts most single wheel types.
      **Does NOT have Lazy Susan feature. Please see T1X3, T1.7 & T2V3/T2W.**
      NOTE: For all after-market wheel fairings, please contact us to ensure wheel fairing clearance from tug.
      *Cirrus aircraft require the Cirrus Constraint Bars and Adjustable Spacers. 
    • Weight 127 lbs.
      38 × 31 × 14 in
    • Rick Volker (T1V2, T1X2): “I bought my tug to give me the easiest and fastest way to move my 5000lb T6 (Harvard) in and out of the hangar in all conditions. I was so skeptical of the technology initially that I acquired a tractor and tow bar as a backup. After 4 years and over 500 times in and out of my hangar, in rain and in small amounts of snow and ice, the AC AIR Tug worked perfectly every time. Time between charges was much longer than my memory. I would only charge it when I could not remember the last charge. Getting in and out of tight places carries zero stress, as you can walk around the aircraft as it moves to monitor clearances. The speed with which the tug lines up, engages, and moves the aircraft out is less than a minute. Compare the reliability and freedom from maintenance of the AC AIR tug with any gasoline powered tractor. My tractor had to have air pressure checked regularly and the gasoline engine maintained. The battery in the tractor was always dead when I wanted to move it. It was a huge sore in my aviation experience. The AC AIR, with zero maintenance and 100% reliability made it possible for me to do more flying and prevent damage to my aircraft. Areas of the landing gear that had been scarred by past owners tow bars could now be painted. I consider the AC AIR tug to be one of the top 10 aviation advances in the last 10 years. It is that good. I have even put it in the baggage compartment to take it with me on trips. I just sold my T6, and have used the same tug to move my two other airplanes. A Howard DGA15 and a Sukhoi26M.”

      Bryon Palitto (T1X2): “Thanks very much for a great product! We hope it lasts for years and years.”

      Dan Combs (T1X2): “Loving the tug. We are impressed with the machining and engineering of the product. The adjustments capability and detail is excellent! My admiration to your engineers!”

      Michael Vaughan (T1X2): “The Tug is awesome!! It was a pleasure to do business with AC Air. Thanks so much for all the great service.”

      Jim Ivey (T1X2): “You guys rock. Were it not for time, I could have hung with Anthony and the crew for a lot longer. It’s good to place faces on a company and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.

      David Main (T1X2): “Thank you for what you do, I love your tug!!!

      Ken Frankel (T1X2): “I love my tug, it’s fabulous!!!! I will demonstrate it to my hangar friends. Beautiful work. I look forward to visiting you to thank all of you in person.”