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Larger Tug Battery (Red Connector) (T1X2, T1XB, T1X3, T1.5, T1.7, T2, T2W)

AC AIR Technology


    • Replacement tug battery for tugs with a red connector rather than yellow connector.

    • NOTE: Larger Tugs such as: T1.5, T1.5V2, T1.7, T2, T2V2, T2V3, T2W, T2W2, T2W3 require two batteries.


    • Weight 7 lbs. each
      12 × 5 × 5 in

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Category: Parts, T1.5, T1.5V2, T1.7, T1X, T1X-C, T1X2, T1X3, T1XB, t1xc, T2, t2v2, T2V3, T2W, T2W2, T2W3