DA40 Constraint Bars


These constraint bars are designed to go into the lug holes of the DA40’s main wheel to provide extra grip. Click here for Manual: Manual

Adjustable Spacers


Price per set
Description: Use these for aircraft with wheel pants such as the Cirrus SR22.


Adjustable Cradle


Description: Adjusts for wheel fairing and non-wheel fairing aircraft.
For use on T1 and T1X2 tugs


Installation Manual: Adjustable_Cradle_09561_a

AC TrackTech T1V2


2nd Generation Tug: Portable aircraft tug for moving non-wheel fairing airplanes with a maximum gross weight of 3,500 lbs and tire size: 5×5 – 6×6

LED Lights are an optional feature found on the “accessories” tab.

**Does NOT have Lazy Susan feature. Please see T1.5 & T2V2.**