About Us

Anthony Chan, Engineer

Anthony Chan, a successful entrepreneur, holds dozens of patents for products manufactured in his large factory located in Chino, California.

For over 30 years, his business has included design, patent and manufacturing of plumbing items you see in stores every day, as well as automobile accessories, motorcycle parts, aircraft parts and parts used in manufacturing facilities around the world.

His passions include flying his four aircraft, which include a 681 Turbo Commander, a Mooney, a Pioneer experimental aerobatic aircraft and a Gazelle turbine French military helicopter; flying remote control aircraft; product concept and design and photography. Prior to establishing his manufacturing business, Anthony traveled the world as a photographer for National Geographic Magazine.

AC TrackTech is Anthony’s latest invention, adding just one more to his list of dozens of patents. At his factory in Chino, he personally develops and manages the manufacturing of precision metal parts for many industries, including: automobile, motorcycle and aviation parts; hardware and plumbing items; factory parts for food packaging companies.

AC TrackTech is Anthony’s latest invention. An avid pilot, he’s delighted to present: “The World’s First Portable Remote Control Aircraft Tug”


Your AC Air Technology Specialist Team:

Tracy Haeggstrom, Engineering Manager
Tracy has over 30 years of experience engineering leading-edge products for various industries. His professional accomplishments include several years at Kwikset Corporation as the Engineering Services Manager where he played a key role in Engineering Technology Advancement. Tracy joined Anthony’s team in 1998 as the Engineering Manager and has participated in the development of many of AC Air Technology’s high-tech products.

Jennifer Chan, Customer Service Manager
Jennifer’s expertise is Business Administration and Management. She joined our team in 2009. She communicates directly with our clients to ensure quality customer service. Jennifer is responsible for the management and training of our entire customer service department and is hands-on in our shipping department supporting our process of safe and secure packaging shipping and handling of high-tech product.

Wayne Lin, Manufacturing Manager
Wayne has over 20 years of manufacturing related experience. He grew up in Taiwan where he served as a communications expert in the military for 2 years. Wayne attended USC and received his Master’s Degree in electrical engineering. He has been working with Anthony for close to 20 years and has been responsible for implementing many of the manufacturing processes we use today.