Wide Tire Spacer Set


Price per set
Wide Tire Spacer. Set includes 2 spacers.

Narrow Tire Spacer Set


Price per set
Description: Narrow Tire Spacer. Set includes 2 tire spacers.

T1X2 Cradle Extender


Description: Increases the height of the rear cradle plate by 1.5″.
Manual(s): 09529_a

3/4″ Tire Height Spacer


Description: Raises the tire 3/4″ in the cradle to clear wheel pants from hitting the cradle.

1/2″ Tire Height Space


Description: Raises the tire 1/2″ in the cradle to clear wheel pants from hitting the cradle.

Tail Wheel Option


Description: This adapter will attach to the cradle on most tugs, to reduce the space in the cradle for a small diameter tire. This option is easily added without any modifications to the existing tug.

Manual(s): T1V2 Manual , T1X2 Manual

Cirrus Constraint Bars


Price per set

Description: Constraint bars provide extra grip to aircraft wheels.

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 1.5″ x 3.5″. Weight: 1.65 lbs.

Click here for the manual –> Manual

DA40 Constraint Bars


These constraint bars are designed to go into the lug holes of the DA40’s main wheel to provide extra grip. Click here for Manual: Manual

Adjustable Spacers


Price per set
Description: Use these for aircraft with wheel pants such as the Cirrus SR22.


Double LED Light


Price per set.
Description: Double LED lights for all model tugs. The lights can be manually rotated and tilted to any position desired. The on/off function is done remotely from the radio transmitter. (Includes: 2 lights) **FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY**

***Must be installed by factory.

Adjustable Cradle


Description: Adjusts for wheel fairing and non-wheel fairing aircraft.
For use on T1 and T1X2 tugs


Installation Manual: Adjustable_Cradle_09561_a

T1X2 Snow Tracks


Price per side
Description: Studded tracks for snow and ice.

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